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Pet Pawtraits in Pastel 


Pricing is based on the standard sizes of A3 and A2 painted using soft pastels.  Lynne is able to negotiate a price for additional portrait sizes, or your portrait painted with acrylics or a pencil drawing. 

One Pet
Plain Background
Soft Pastels

A3 - $180
A2 - $220

Two Pets
Plain Background
Soft Pastels

A3 - $200
A2 - $250

Additional information


Add a Background

Paper colour

Pet portraits are painted using soft pastels.  However, if you prefer Lynne offers alternative mediums:
  • Acrylic on stretched canvas
  • Graphite pencil drawing
You can have your pet portrait painted with a background.  Pricing will depend on your requirements.  Contact Lynne to discuss your pet portrait.
If you have any special requests for the background colour, discuss your requirements with Lynne at the time of placing your order.

Returning Customers

Delivery Costs

Discounts are available to returning customers.
The price quoted above does not include delivery costs.  
Your completed portrait will be sent to you either by post or by courier.  Prices will be quoted at the time of order.
How to Order your Pet Pawtrait
To discuss your pet portrait requrements and to place an order, click on the "Order" button, or send Lynne an email: